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I'm Ericson Smith - a born and bred Jamaican who's seen a bit of the world.

So when I came back from a long absence from the island, I realized it was hard to find stuff. Hard to find people, hard to find deals and hard to find services. Sure, there is the newspaper and radio and a little bit of internet. But the Jazz loving, jerk-eating, reggae-listening, beach-combing, photographer, dad and overall eclectic part of me constantly kept missing some of the best things happening around Jamaica.

Besides the big stuff (concerts, sales, etc) that everyone knows about, what about the cool markets, sales, events -- the mid-sized to smaller ones that get missed because our friends never told us about it?

So BrawtaList (a site I registered in 2009) was repurposed to help fix this problem.

I'd love to hear from you about how we can make this service work for you even better.

Ericson Smith