Cedar Valley (Cedar Hurst plantation)

Cedar Valley (Cedar Hurst plantation)

Rowan’s Royale farm is part of Jamaica’s rich coffee history and heritage. It is the southern, uppermost portion of the Cedar Hurst plantation (sometimes called Cedar Valley, and which eventually came to include Wallenford) in the Parish of Portland. In the 18th century, Cedar Valley was a sprawling plantation of some 3000 acres (1215 hectares). The Great House was situated, at about 2000ft (610m) beside a swiftly running tributary of the Buff Bay River but the coffee lands surrounding it rose to over 4000ft (1220m).


Coffee was first grown here in the 1770’s which later resulted in the area being described as a coffee factory and plantation. There is a great house on the property which is designed to accommodate a narrow aqueduct leading from the river beside the house to a large water wheel which was used to process the coffee. It also boasted a large water tank exquisitely decorated with Italian tiles.


Today, Rowan’s Royale accentuates the naturally high-quality coffee produced in the Jamaican Blue Mountains through an organic and biodynamic growing and harvesting process.

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