Best Place to Visit in Jamaica for Solo Traveler

Howdy! I'm a a single 40s male, looking to spend a week in Jamaica next month, laying on a pristine beach, going on excursions and immersing myself in the local culture. I've looked at Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios and frankly can't decide. Aside from the criteria above, I'll be traveling solo this trip and want to avoid an area and especially resort that is all or primarily couples, honeymooners, etc. Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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This is true but in Portland…where Port Antonio is, because it’s so much quieter public transport will be a little bit harder to get. In Negril, you have taxis everywhere and if you wish you can walk to the majority of places.


>Aggressive pan handling.

I’ll say. I was in MoBay and at an intersection there are frequent “Windshield washers” expecting tips and there was one little entitled prick that acted like I owed him something even though I declined to have the windshield washed every time and I went through there like 10 times. One time he did it anyhow and then expected money from me. What an ass he was.


depends on what you’re seeking. amenities or vibe, relaxation and spa type stuff or water sports and music, etc. there are countless options. on 7 mile beach, treehouse resort (basic, good location, clean no frills), skylark (fancier spa type), idle awhile (fancier), Travellers beach resort (basic but still nice).. cliffs/west end…. ocean cliff resort (fancier, spa), catcha falling star (rustic chic), rock house (related to skylark, fancier), seastar (basic, affordable, no water view but quite inexpensive, good for longer stays)…


Adding Hide A While to the list of options. This one is fairly secluded and it’s possible you won’t get to interact with guests much during your stay. The view is amazing, it’s very peaceful and it’s possible to use the ladder to climb down the cliff into the water.


Many of the west end boutique hotels do not allow children because the cliffs are somewhat dangerous. You can relax and swim via ladder access to the water. The beach is a short ride and you are never more than 100 feet from a rum bar. Negril also has reasonably priced and authentic food.

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