In your opinion, who has the best beef patties?

I don't eat meat, so I've never had a reason to eat Tastee..from what I've heard, their beef patties are the best. In your opinion, who has the best beef patties? **Edit: omgggg..who on earth actually downvotes stuff like these**

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whispers Devon House Bakery. They are quite a bit more expensive but for a one off treat they are worth it. They have beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, lobster, curry goat, callaloo and ackee & saltfish


The Tastee vs Juicy argument debate has been settled enuh. If you’re in Kingston or Mobay, Tastee is supreme. If you in St Catherine or Country then it’s Juicy. For whatever reason Juicy change their formula when they’re in town.


I will proclaim that tastee is the best. However, I can remember the days when patty filling couldn’t even stay in the crush. It was hot, juicy, favourful… worse if there was cheese, ugh. The only thing about that was the Holy Trinity 😂


Juicy beef better.

Just trust me. Tastee patty is cause the line too long a juicy beef.

Juicy beef more flakey, better crust, and more spice. Me only like eat tasstee if them hot or me can microwave them.

Tastee has a okay fish sandwich still


In Connecticut we have a number of great Jamaican restaurants, high population of Jamaicans in the Greater Hartford area. I love Scott’s and Golden Crust. Some of the small local non-Jamaican restaurants will advertise that they have patties and they are so terrible … I don’t touch them

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