Is rail transport feasible for private sector?

Apparently the govt is looking to divest portions of it’s railway. Mobay to Appleton is more likely based on the plan and seems to be targeting tourists. I understand privatization of that route but is there really any profit in rail transport on other lines the government is looking to privatize? It would seem that’s why investors or private sector are hesitant

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In the 60s/70s I rode the train. It was very pleasant. The point is that as the Gov. can not manage the roads, and ‘road work’ has become a catch word for bribing citizens to vote.. having the railway… a smooth trafficless journey from one place to another would be a blessing.


If they can find a private organization that will put in the money required to properly build the infrastructure, get guardsman on every carriage to maintain decency, and make sure that everyone pays 100%.

If not, it’ll collapse in a year.


They trying to make it look nice for investors….that soon sell like the rest of wi land fi likkle to nothing and we eventually pay them to make we the people suffer at the hands of the owners…..ohh yeah that aleady a gwaan


Non jamaican, public transport enthusiast. Rail can be very profitable if the same company also develops real estate around the stops. This is how they do it in Japan and Hong Kong, and how private streetcars were built all over the world in the late 19th early 20th century. Otherwise, privatization will probably mean that the government will have to subsidize the operation anyway, which can be perfectly fine since cars and trucks create congestion, emissions, traffic deaths…

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