Is Zika still a big threat in Jamaica?

I have an all inclusive trip in April to Montego Bay and I found out I am pregnant. I will be 16 weeks, doctor says it is ok to go but all the forums are scaring me saying pregnant women should not go to places with history of zika outbreaks. However, so many women get pregnant there all the time, wondering how much of a concern is it for local Jamaican women there? I plan to still use mosquito repellent and avoid forests.

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It hasn’t been a serious threat in maybe 5 years. My wife certainly didn’t worry much about it when she was pregnant and my kids are fine.

You still should try to avoid mosquito bites, but that goes without saying. Mosquitoes suck.


Thanks. I read risks are low if you stay at a nicer resort where they treat mosquitos, not go during rainy season, avoid jungles, wear repellent, etc. Also hear if you are infected it is like a 5% risk in the second trimester, so a 95% chance of being okay. My doctor say it’s ok so I guess I just will have to be cautious but yes I absolutley hare mosquitos, why do they even exist..


I didn’t ever get zika, come to think of it. And I lived in a fairly mosquito-ridden area at the time.

Nobody at all is thinking about Zika and pregnancy nowadays. One of my coworkers is due next month and I guarantee she hasn’t thought of it…I literally hadn’t even thought about it till your post


I hope someone can give some insight to what you are asking as my husband who is from there, and i intend to visit in May. Not currently pregnant but i have read you are supposed to avoid it if so and to avoid conceiving for months after the trip to be safe. He seems to think everything fine where as I am really scared because of online information.


I know so many Jamaicans… I know it’s a a small risk but I mean I feel like if the locals and people I know aren’t worried about it and hasn’t had any problems is it really as worrisome as the US says it is?

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