Things to do in Ochi

Hey yall, Im visiting my family in Ochi in a few months for the first time in some years. I was looking for something to do around the area, as my family is older and I don’t have many friends my age (early 20s) outside of Kingston. Any ideas? Also, does Ochi have Uber now or will I mainly have to travel by taxi?

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Cove Theater is there for movies.Turtle river park. Dunns River.Mystic Mountain. Craft Market. Blue Hole.

Jamaican Chinese RestaurantsThere’s an Indo-Asain Restaurant as well

Chukka is a bit outside Ochi


🤨 I’m not entirely sure as to what aspect this was in response to but I’m guessing the part about Uber. I was asking because the places I lived in/grew up in ain’t really have Uber either and that was in the US, Germany, and France. But thank you for the response


Jack Ruby was a very well known record producer and sound system operator from Ochi Rios in the 70s n 80s. He is not with us anymore but I think He has a restaurant in Ochi. Unnecessary comment I suppose.


It’s turtle nesting season at the moment. There’s a really beautiful beach in oracabessa that does sea turtle nest releases most nights through December. Search for Oracabessa Bay Sea Turtles on IG for release dates and times.

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