Was this authentic Jamaican food?

Please help this American out. I don't live anywhere close to Jamaica, and have never been there myself. Last night I had food from the local Jamaican restaurant, and I was wondering if this fare was recognizable to anyone: - A salad with jerk chicken, pickles, tomatoes and mandarin oranges. - A huge bucket of thick and sweet coleslaw. - Plain mac and cheese. I'm genuinely curious if the mac and cheese with sweet coleslaw is a thing. Edit: I'm asking because the combination was weird to me. Thanks for confirming my suspicions lol.

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Find the lie. The cole slaw should have been steamed/stewed cabbage w carrots, bell peppers, etc and the carbs would have been better as rice & peas vs mac & cheese. In the absence of an open grill over pimento wood, a halfway decent jerk can be made in an oven vs some places that will stew-fry “jerk” in a pan, bleh. The pickle & orange salad piece is blatant pandering to foreign region tastes, imho.


> The pickle & orange salad piece is blatant pandering to foreign region tastes, imho

LOL, to be honest, I don’t even know what this was about. It didn’t work. I hate to think the locals around here consider that “Jamaican food”, and are not suspicious in the slightest. The restaurant has great Yelp reviews…


Definitely not. Mac and cheese isn’t really traditional and neither is cole slaw. Jerk chicken is, but I would bet money that it wasn’t cooked with pimento wood, so it probably wasn’t authentic either.

The combination of jerk and mac and cheese is also just weird… jerk is usually eaten with things like hardo bread, festival, or roast breadfruit.


Depends on where you were raised in Jamaica. Mac n Cheese was common in my family and in my half brothers family. The recipe that I have for Mac n Cheese is generations. In the UK every Caribbean restaurant has Mac n Cheese. In the other islands you get regular Mac n Cheese and sweeter pudding type mac n cheese.


American here, but I’ve never encountered anything like that in the US or JA. Jamaican restaurants in North Carolina often have Mac & Cheese as a side, but that’s obviously a regional variation, and I’ve never seen cole slaw or jerk chicken salad.

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